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Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Gutters

New gutters could benefit your home in more ways than you realize. If the signs below are present at your home, there’s a good chance a professional will recommend new gutters. By taking the steps to install new gutters before there is a problem, you save money and headaches. What signs suggest the time has come to replace your gutters?

Cracks in Gutters

One of the biggest indicators that you need to replace your gutters is cracks in them. You may also notice holes and splits or other types of tears and damage.  Rainwater will leak through the cracks and can damage the foundation.

Rusty Gutters

Rusty gutters also suggest the need to replace. Orange flecks or spots of rust do not protect your house as well and present tons of danger. It is time to start thinking about replacement if you notice any spots of rust.

Mold/Mildew Damage

If you spot mold or smell mildew, it is time to call someone out to take a look at the area. Mold and mildew not only look unsightly but may present numerous health problems, especially for kids, the elderly, and people suffering from asthma, allergies, and other problems.

Pealing Exterior Wall Paint

handyman jobs in boerne tx

Pealing exterior wall paint also means that your gutters have seen their better days and it is time to replace them. Pealing wall paint indicates the presence of water, which means that the gutters may not be directing water away from the house the way they should.

If you keep the gutters clean, they’ll last longer and you won’t need to replace them as soon. Remember, handyman jobs in boerne tx include gutter cleaning and replacement alike, so you can get the work completed at a cost you can afford.