How To Protect Yourself In Legal Proceedings

There is nothing worth driving down the street and seeing flashing blue lights, turning around seeing an officer or finding yourself in some type of other legal trouble. When this happens, you will want to find a criminal lawyer with experience to take your case.

Tip #1 – You have a right to remain silent and anything you say in front of an officer can be used against you. Do not speak with officers until they tell you that you are being arrested or detained, then ask for the name and badge number of the arresting officer.

Tip #2 – As soon as possible after your arrest, try to get put into contact with a lawyer. They will tell you what steps to take in your case, including whether or not to post bail and how much.

Tip #3 – If you are able to get in contact with a criminal defense attorney before you talk with officers, let them know what happened and ask them for advice on your particular situation. They can help ensure that you do not say anything that can be used against you.

Tip #4 – If there is any evidence or belongings seized by the police, demand to get it back before leaving the place where you were arrested. Make sure you get a receipt for your property and find out when they will return it so you can start working on ways of retrieving it.

Tip #5 – If you are arrested and the police take your belongings, including a vehicle, they must keep it safe for 30 days after the arrest. Should you demand that items be returned, they will provide them to you with records of their condition.

Tip #6 – If you are arrested based on an alleged criminal offense do not wait until a trial to start looking for a criminal defense lawyer. Most lawyers will not take cases without speaking with the defendant and making some sort of determination as to whether they can win the case or not.